Ecommerce web design & development


Scale up your online sales with ECommerce Web Design and Development

Our eCommerce web development solution can take your retail business to the next level. Now reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts and avail more sales by choosing Anika Digital as your expert eCommerce development company. 

Gain more exposure globally

As a business owner, you definitely don’t want to be stuck at a particular phase. Everyone wants to grow. Now represent your business to the global level with the help of our eCommerce web design services. Having an eCommerce website allows you to run a business online. It will take you to places that you always dreamt of.

Get insights about customer

Not many small businesses have access to consumer insights. An eCommerce website will allow you to track and measure customer interaction with your site, which leads to valuable information that can be used for improving customer experience and maximizing sales revenue.

Stay available 24/7

Grow your business with the help of an eCommerce website. Here you can give your customer 24/7 support. The physical store opened for a limited time frame, but not an online store. Even when you are asleep you can allow your customer to purchase a product. All the transactions can be carried away without you having a presence there. It doesn’t require any additional staff and costs. Now you can save a lot of time and invest that time in planning to manage everything even more efficiently.

Rapid Growth

A study shows that 79% of Americans prefer shopping online. A larger segment of the audience prefers online shopping rather than any physical store. The high amount of positive reviews and ratings helps to influence other shoppers and let them stick to online shopping. 

A user-friendly platform

With the help of an eCommerce website now you easily bring light to your business top features and attract more visitors to shop. Our designed and developed eCommerce website gives your customer a pleasant user experience. Within a few seconds, they can find everything they want. Only work left for you is to ensure flexible buying options, quality products, variant options, allow feedback and swift delivery system. All of these features can make any visitor into your loyal customer. 

Keep your customer happy

To attract new customers every now and then, business owners come up with discount offers. Now that eCommerce websites exist, attracting potential customers has become easier for both the customers and the owner. Potential buyers can be asked to give a review and rating for the product or service they purchase from you. Such reviews play an important role in driving more traffic to to your business. Also, such an approach helps to make your customer happy. 

Increased Sales

Setting up an ecommerce website is faster than setting up a physical store. With such benefits to this type of business, it’s easy to gain a high return on investment. 

Create a Memorable E-commerce Journey for your Online Store

Our eCommerce web design services help you to win the hearts of your potential customers. We bring a bucket of solutions for your online store for its complete flourishment.

Experience-driven design

A research found that 75% of first-visit viewers judge an eCommerce website by its design. And 38% of visitors leave the website due to its unappealing design. But with our user-centric and conversion-focused design visitors will have a pleasing user interface. We make it look trusted enough to gain a call from the user.

Feature Rich website

We are the best eCommerce web design company deliver unmatched eCommerce solution for your business. Our crafted innovative online store infuses with in- demand and current technologies that bring positive responses from the visitor.


We are the result-driven eCommerce web development company helps you to build a search engine optimized website which in the end improves your online growth and sales. We let you climb up the higher place of SERPs and gain more conversion rate.

Responsive in all devices

Whether it is desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile – we let you have a responsive website and drive sales across all devices. You’ll have full control over how your visitor approaching your website. We constantly optimize its usability to reach the visitor no matter which device they’re choosing for shopping.

Efficient Tech support

Our experts help increase your sales with the relevant techniques and performance monitoring solutions. We guide you through market entry, technology, and operational services. Such improved performance helps the customer seamlessly browse through your store without even a single slowdown.

Bug and Error fixing

A simple data error can cause a big failure in your eCommerce journey. With our eCommerce plugin, we provide safeguards and recover your reputation in your online journey. We offer in-depth auditing and testing service for your eCommerce website to save it from any kind of unauthorized access and data breaches. We also utilize security measures such as SSL certificate, HTT{s, two-factor authentication for offering a safe platform for the shoppers.

API Integration

We simplify your eCommerce development solution by integrating advanced APIs. Our analytic API for customer-managed billing, payment integration, ordering, and other navigation system enables precise personalized support throughout the eCommerce platform.

Support and Maintenance

Our eCommerce web development services offer you complete control over your eCommerce platform. Whenever needed we quickly control and manage any update and run regular audits to keep it secure. We also trained up your team members in order to manage and maintain the site safely. We make sure you get credible information such as traffic segmentation, visitor tracking, and navigation analysis of your eCommerce website.

Our E-Commerce
Website Design and Development Process

To create a successful eCommerce journey we follow a series of steps. From the planning till launching the project, we maintain a clear strategic approach

Step 1
Planning and In-depth analysis of eCommerce project

The first step is to understand your eCommerce website goal. We analyze your product service and at the same time run thorough research about the competitive market. Moreover, we learn about your company vision, objective and target audience. Based on all the insights we start with the mockup.

Step 2
Wireframe creation of eCommerce website

In this step, we develop an outline of the proposed website including a sitemap. It works as a blueprint of the website. After a thorough discussion, we understand your front-end and back-end design and functionality recommendation.

Step 3
eCommerce website design creation

After the website structure is approved from your end we start custom-designing the structure. Our creative team of eCommerce web design company not only designs websites that look good but also infuses the design by keeping the user experience and functionality in mind.

Step 4
Send eCommerce web design for approval

After the design is ready we will send it to you for review and approval. Here we will make changes in the design until you are fully satisfied. We ensure that our design completely visualizes your branding goal.

Step 5
SEO-friendly eCommerce website development

It's time to translate the design into HTML and CSS. During the development process our expert developers work with the SEO specialist so that we can deliver a SEO-friendly eCommerce website.

Step 6
Integration of custom functionality

We make not only develop a unique eCommerce website but also make it worthy to stay longer. Depending on your custom requirement we will implement custom user-friendly features and functionality in the website. SO that it can stand out.

Step 7
Imports of Product and Data

In this step, we will upload all the products and services on the website. We expert handley manage everything as per your need and requirement.

Step 8
Checkout and transaction processing

Whether you demand a basic transaction procedure or custom made, our eCommerce web developer can handle all of it. We integrate a secure payment gateway with many standard payment processors.

Step 9
Testing and QA

Before launching the website we make sure the eCommerce website fulfils all the standards. Our QA team ensures that the website is free from every kind of bugs and error. After we get your final signal, we will make it live.

Step 10
After launch support

After making the website publicly accessible, we will support you for any kind of troubleshooting, upgrade or evaluation. We make it easy for customers to navigate and access each of the pages. We make sure no error is occurring here.

E-Commerce Website Design and Development FAQ

E-commerce Development is the development of an E-commerce website. E-commerce Development includes all the activities involved in creating, maintaining, and developing an online store. It involves buying a domain name and hosting your website on the internet. E-commerce websites are basically the websites that are run online. These websites, such as Amazon and Shopify, help people to buy and sell products online. Compared to physical stores, e-commerce websites help the business grow in less time and provide more customers. Everyone prefers shopping online because it takes less time. Moreover, it is very convenient as one does not have to go anywhere while shopping online. It also saves energy that is being used to go to physical stores.

If you want to start an E-commerce store, you first have to develop a website. You can hire an E-commerce developer or a company to create your website for an online business.

E-commerce Development is necessary for the creation of E-commerce websites where millions of consumers and businesses buy and sell products. Online banking, ticketing, and auctions are also a part of E-commerce. In E-commerce Development, different types of electronic websites are created that include B2B, B2C, C2C, C2A, B2A, and C2B. The client can select the type of website according to his need.

You should remember that E-commerce business is like a real business. It needs capital and investment. So, to develop an E-commerce website, you need some money. The cost for e-commerce website development depends on how much traffic you want on the website and what features you want to have on it. There is no fixed cost. It varies from client to client.

Custom websites require more time to develop. We cannot tell you the exact time, but it can be from 8 to 10 weeks or more, depending on the project. On the other hand, standard websites do not take much time. These are ready in two to four weeks.  

We first do good research about your theme and objective behind a website. Then, plans regarding time and prices are made accordingly. After all these formalities, we start the process of developing a website.

Yes, we always provide support after the website is developed. You can select from our monthly packages to keep your website maintained. We are ready to keep your website up-to-date with new features and designs whenever you need them.

You can provide the content by yourself, or you can select from our content service packages if you would like us to deal with it.

We have E-commerce developers who are experts in WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify that are always passionate about building your E-commerce website.

There are four main traditional types of E-commerce trading websites.

  1. B2C:

It is the most essential and standard model of E-commerce. B2C stands for Business to Consumer. Anything you purchase from an e-commerce store as a consumer is included in B2C. Along with products, it provides reliable services as well. But it is a limited and shorter trade than B2B.


  1. B2B:

In B2B (Business-to-business e-commerce), businesses can provide their items and services to other businesses. Usually, the businesses supply raw materials to other businesses that can manufacture the ready-to-use products for sale. B2B is not as common as B2C.


  1. B2A:

B2A (Business to Administration) serves its products to the government. It is a type of e-commerce as well. Its most prominent examples are the government portals through which the public can contact the Government.


  1. C2C:

In this type of E-commerce, consumers sell products to each other. It is considered a starter by which any individual can start their business because it does not require too much money. Besides this, consumers can get rid of unnecessary goods by selling them online to those who need them.


  1. C2B:

C2B stands for Consumer to Business E-commerce. In this e-commerce business, consumers provide products or services to the businesses. It is the latest emerging type of E-commerce. The ratio of providing services is more than the products. Because it is difficult to manage the production of a large number of products.  Freelancers, lawyers, ad managers are the biggest examples of C2B e-commerce.


  1. C2A:

Just like B2A e-commerce in C2A (which stands for Consumer to Administration), consumers provide their services to government bodies.


Nowadays, different types of e-commerce can be used at the same time. It has widened the field of E-commerce and generated more money for entrepreneurs.

Physical retail stores are less vulnerable to fraud than online stores.

We cannot deny the fact that E-commerce websites face various online threats, including hacking. There are so many forms of security risks that every e-commerce website may go through if not provided proper security.

 These include:  


  • DDoS and DoS attacks,

In these attacks, a website becomes slow or completely shut down for some time. Attackers do this by sending overwhelming requests that are from untraceable IPs.

  • Malware,

Malware is malicious software that hackers inject into websites to get their data or for any other purpose.


  • MITM and Phishing,

MITM is the abbreviation for Man in the Middle. In these attacks, hackers access user's devices by representing fake website pages as the interface of famous sites. Users get tricked and engage on those fake sites without knowing that these are not original and, as a result, get hacked.

  • Financial frauds.

Financial frauds are so common in E-commerce. Hackers get access to a user's personal information like credit card details and use it to get money or any other purpose.